About Us

David Hinson, Mendham Interiors

David R. Hinson

Interior Designer/ Partner

I have always believed that beautiful surroundings enhance the quality of our lives. Beauty, being subjective makes everyone’s experience unique. Assisting clients in finding and realizing their personal aesthetic is my role as a designer. Having a passion for the history of decorative arts, I bring to the collaboration an understanding of how design has developed over time. Today we can create interiors that have roots in the past but with a fresh sensibility of the 21st century.

Studied Interior Design at:
Corcoran School of Art and Design, Washington, DC
Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, England

Angie Kurnos

I have owned Mendham Interiors for nearly 20 years. My best work comes when I am able to combine my clients personal needs and style with my own instincts. I never lose sight of the clients budget and time frame. My Attention to detail is second to none. A design is not good if its not functional and does not achieve the effect desired by the client.